Boletín de novedades #Letrasafricanas: Julio – Agosto 2016

cover.jpg.rendition.460.707 Hisham Matar

Hisham MatarThe Return. Penguin [@PenguinUKBooks] «The Return is at once a universal and an intensely personal tale. It is an exquisite meditation on how history and politics can bear down on an individual life. And yet Hisham Matar’s memoir isn’t just about the burden of the past, but the consolation of love, literature and art. It is the story of what it is to be human. Hisham Matar was nineteen when his father was kidnapped and taken to prison in Libya. He would never see him again. Twenty-two years later, the fall of Gaddafi meant he was finally able to return to his homeland. In this moving memoir, the author takes us on an illuminating journey, both physical and psychological; a journey to find his father and rediscover his country.» [Penguin]

Alain Mabanckou: Le monde est mon langage. Grasset. Parution: 31/08/2016

«Le monde est mon langage est le tour du monde de la pensée et des émotions telles que la langue française les véhicule, par les gens les plus divers, célèbres ou inconnus, adolescents ou vieillards, Haïtiens ou Français. Alain Mabanckou les a rencontrés et nous les raconte, en une suite de portraits admiratifs et aimants. JMG Le Clézio ou un inconnu de la Nouvelle Orléans, Sony Labou Tansi qui, au Congo, écrivait dans des cahiers à spirales devant deux posters du Che Guevara, bien d’autres encore. Ils ont ces mots en partage et ils les partagent. Leur langage est notre monde.» [Grasset]


Yaa GyasiHomegoing. Penguin [@PenguinUKBooks]

«Effia and Esi: two sisters with two very different destinies. One sold into slavery; one a slave trader’s wife. The consequences of their fate reverberate through the generations that follow. Taking us from the Gold Coast of Africa to the cotton-picking plantations of Mississippi; from the missionary schools of Ghana to the dive bars of Harlem, spanning three continents and seven generations, Gyasi has written a miraculous novel – the intimate, gripping story of a brilliantly vivid cast of characters and through their lives the very story of America itself. Epic in its canvas and intimate in its portraits, Homegoing is a searing and profound debut from a masterly new writer.» [BooksLive]

220px-Fouad_Laroui-Nancy_2011 27135621

Fouad Laroui: The Curious Case of Dassoukine’s Trousers. Deep Vellum@DeepVellum

«This first book in English by Morocco’s most prominent contemporary writer won France’s most prestigious literary award, the Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle, awarded for the best story collection. This linked story collection employs laugh-out-loud humor and profound pathos in a variety of literary styles to explore what it would be like to live in a world where everything was foreign. Introduction by Laila Lalami, renowned author of The Moor’s Account.» [Deep Vellum]

51txKn8UD3L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_ 1TvYVjmv

Odafe Atogun @OAtogunTaduno´s song. Canongate Books; Main edition (4 Aug. 2016)

«The day a stained brown envelope arrives from Taduno’s homeland, he knows that the time has come to return from exile. Arriving full of hope, the musician discovers that his community no longer recognises him and no one recalls his voice. His girlfriend Lela has disappeared, taken away by government agents. He wanders through his house in search of clues but any trace of his old life has been erased. As he realises that all there is left of the house and of himself is an empty shell, Taduno finds a new purpose: to unravel the mystery of his lost life and to find his lost love. Through this search, he comes to face a difficult decision: to sing for love or to sing for his people. Taduno’s Song is a moving tale of sacrifice, love and courage.»

9780812989786 Photo-credits-Teju-Cole11

Teju Cole: [@tejucoleKnown and Strange Things

«With this collection of more than fifty pieces on politics, photography, travel, history, and literature, Teju Cole solidifies his place as one of today’s most powerful and original voices. On page after page, deploying prose dense with beauty and ideas, he finds fresh and potent ways to interpret art, people, and historical moments, taking in subjects from Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare, and W. G. Sebald to Instagram, Barack Obama, and Boko Haram. Cole brings us new considerations of James Baldwin in the age of Black Lives Matter; the African American photographer Roy DeCarava, who, forced to shoot with film calibrated exclusively for white skin tones, found his way to a startling and true depiction of black subjects; and (in an essay that inspired both praise and pushback when it first appeared) the White Savior Industrial Complex, the system by which African nations are sentimentally aided by an America “developed on pillage.”

When the World Wounds by Kiini Salaam

kiini-salaam (1)Writing of the “other,” Kiini Ibura Salaam honed her perspective from growing up in an activist family eschewing TV, sugar, meat, convention, while centralizing self-worth, intellectual rigor, and the value, importance, and rights of black folk… …read more

Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn

here-comes-the-sunIn this radiant, highly anticipated debut, a cast of unforgettable women battle for independence while a maelstrom of change threatens their Jamaican village. Capturing the distinct rhythms of Jamaican life and dialect, Nicole Dennis- Benn pens a tender hymn to a world hidden among pristine beaches and the wide expanse of turquoise seas. At an opulent resort in Montego Bay, Margot hustles to send her younger sister, Thandi, to school…read more



«Se reúnen en este volumen las tres novelas que dieron a conocer e hicieron saltar a la fama a Yasmina Khadra: “Morituri”, “Doble blanco” y “El otoño de las quimeras”. Con ellas, y bajo el pseudónimo femenino que ahora es famoso, se fueron presentando los tres primeros casos del veterano comisario Brahim Llob, un “héroe” solitario en la línea de la mejor novela negra, empeñado en la lucha contra el integrismo irracional y sus ocultas conexiones con los resortes del poder.»[Alianza Editorial]

Fotografía de portada: Library books floating down a street during the Great Flood of Paris, 1910.

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